How To Get an Agent


You send in a package to the company email and contact is made by the agent. 

to be considered at the novice and intermediate stages contact :

COMMERCIALS: nikiargentalent@gmail.com


FILM & TV : ( we prefer referrals from Commercials depatment - or from existing actor and coach

we also accept applications from UNREPRESENTED ACTORS ONLY  


packages for speaking roles must include  demo reels and at least three professional headshots and a list of special skills 




All interested Actors need to submit headshot & resume and contact number via email or mail to the agent that they wish to be seen by.

Headshots need to be of good quality.

Please no grainy shots of a tiny person sitting in the distance on a mountain wearing sunglasses and a hat.

The point is to show your face so the agent can get a good look at you.

If any of our agents are interested in meeting with you, then the Agent will call the actor back to set up an appointment. Please do not call the office unless you have been contacted first.

Unsolicited calls will not be accepted.

We look for experience on the resume, good quality photos and interesting faces. All ages are welcome to apply.




Professional does not mean quantity. One or two professional headshots and a clear  - well set up resume is what we look for.




a) Our agency only takes on clients that are professional and really understand the company policy as far as auditioning and working. Actors must understand the number one priority for a Talent Agent is marketing them. An agent cannot market an Actor if the Actor is unprepared, unmotivated and/or unprofessional. We will release any Actor that doesn’t behave in a professional manner.


b) If you are asked to sign with our Film & TV department the contract is binding for a full year. This means during this year you may not search for other representation. It takes two to three years to build an Actors reputation, but many actors become impatient and are easy targets for competitor Agents. A year is the minimum commitment. It gives the Actor time to learn the business and to get to know their Agent.


c) * The Actor must be signed up and must pay their yearly fee to Casting Workbook


d) **The Actor needs to have professional 8 by 10 pictures & resume to take to auditions


e) There is an expectation that Actors will take some kind of training/coaching. Film & TV Acting is extremely competitive. Similar to Athletes trying for Olympic status – you need to be the very best Actor you can be. Our best actors get professional coaching before auditions and it pays off for them and for the Agency…

If you feel this is unnecessary please be aware that you need to back this belief up with bookings…If you are auditioned and do not do a GREAT job you will not be seen by that Casting Director again. If you bomb you have hurt your career, your Agent’s career and the other Actor’s on the agency roster. You have a limited amount of auditions in which to prove yourself. So be ready!

Agents get no money at all until the Actor books a job.

The Agent gets 15% from the gross income- that percentage is fixed across Canada by the Canadian Government.


*All actors must be members of Casting Workbook.

Casting Workbook is a world wide electronic service that connects Talent Agents with Casting directors. I only submit for Vancouver projects, but CW is worldwide and in theory Talent Agents can submit to projects in LA/NY/Toronto/Australia as well.

Talent Agents pay the company "Casting Workbook" a fee to use the service and the Actors pay to use it as well.

Casting Workbook is how a Talent Agent suggests clients for roles on both commercials and Film & TV. You poke around on their website www.castingworkbook.com if you would like.

**You must have a 8 by 10 professional and upto date photo to audition - If you cant afford 8 by 10 photos get some good color photocopies on thick paper from a print shop – They work just fine for commercials. For Film & TV however they will want professional headshots.  To have professional shots taken budget for $250 – $550.00. Unless you have a friend who is a professional, do not scimp on the photos. You will not be marketable.