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The ClassSTANDUP Comedy Show:
Featured nationally on CBC Television and Radio, Warren Persowich spent two decades as a practicing
school psychologist while doubling as a comic headlining clubs and corporate events across the prairies.
Combining these skills sets, he now proudly offers “The ClassSTANDUP Introductory Psychology Comedy
Show”, a hilarious and clean 45 minute routine based entirely on concepts found in Introductory
Psychology. This is the professional comedy routine you always envisioned for your next workplace
Professional Development / Team-Building event, clever, clean, and surprisingly informative.

The ClassSTANDUP Seminar(s):
Half-Day: To foster respectful and effective communication with students, Warren combined his
professional skill-sets to create an empirically informed stand-up comedy course. This unique
perspective is now proudly offered for your next workplace Professional Development / Team-Building
event. In a safe and fun environment learn a new understanding of effective communication via stand-
up comedy. Based upon the firm premise that everyone has a sense of humour, The Respect-Centered
Model of Comedy and Humour is used to showcase the resilience and skills available to all of us as we
naturally alternate between “comedian” and “audience”.
Full-Day: A follow-up to the half-day seminar, participants create original comedy “bits” guided step-by-
step via “The Bit Builder” a graphic organizer Warren created to help students write comedy. Willing
participants are then supported in this safe and fun environment as they deliver their comedy “bit”
using the comedy communication skills taught in the earlier half-day seminar.

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